Mazovia was and still is the leader of Polish transformations. The voivodeship is the fastest growing region in Poland and attracts most foreign investments.

This is the richest region in the country, which has the highest contribution to the Polish GDP. The transformation was not as fast and as successful in any other region of the country. The industry in the voivodeship is characterised by high variety of sectors, making it less dependant on business cycle on domestic, as well as foreign market.

Agri-good industry (due to the area and volume of agricultural production) and petrochemical industry (the biggest Płock refinery in the country) are dominant here. There are also equally important power engineering, chemical and machine-building sectors. The characteristic feature of the Mazovian industry is a rapid development of modern innovative industries, such as insurance and financial services, telecommunications, IT, pharmaceutical or electronically industries.

The Mazowieckie Voivodeship is characterised by the largest exports and imports in the country. It is Mazovian businesses that contribute to nearly half the value in both areas. The EU states are the main partners of the region in the scope.

Investors are attracted mainly by the volume of the regional market and the market of the entire country, as well as the strategic location for production and services. Another significant reason is good transportation infrastructure – roads and railway, international airports Okęcie and Mazovian Airport Warsaw – Modlin, as well as well-educated workforce. 14% of the population of the region are people with higher education, and 30% with secondary education. The higher education facilities operating in the voivodeship (19 public and 91 private) contribute to it. The main ones include: University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw School of Economics and Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Apart from the Warsaw agglomeration, the region is agricultural in nature. Agricultural land covers around 65% of the voivodeship area (13% of the agricultural land of Poland). Mazovia is the centre of gardening and horticulture. Around 30% of the area of the Polish orchards is situated in Mazovia, which represents more than 40% of the national fruit production. More than half of apples and one-fourth of strawberries are produced in the Mazowieckie Voiovdeship. Mazovia is also a leading producer of vegetables and the second largest producer of cereals in Poland. The Mazowieckie Voivodeship is also a leader in milk production, and the production of meat is also its asset. With regard to environmental protection, Mazovia puts a large emphasis on suitable development of the region. The result of these efforts is the rapid growth of organic production. There are more than 1,000 organic farms in the voivodeship.