The Mazowieckie Voivodeship with Warsaw – the capital of the country, is the fastest growing region of Poland. Mazovia is characterised by high internal variation. It has a high national potential in almost every field: science, research, education, industry and infrastructure.

Mazovia serves as an economic leader among Polish voivodeships. The advantage of the region is its attractiveness for investors and economic potential. Mazovia is also a leader in terms of the quality of workforce. The greatest development of foreign investments in the voivodeship can be seen in sectors like: IT, electronics, automotive industry, chemical industry and biotechnology. It is actually BPO, as well as food and building sectors that are referred to as high opportunity sectors. Interest among investors in renewable energy sources has been observed in recent years.

Natural conditions and high quality of natural environment, legally protected (29.6% of the general area of the voivodeship is the area of outstanding natural beauty), as well as fertile soils, occurring on around 15 percent of the voivodeship, contribute to the development of the food sector. Market absorptiveness is also a considerable asset. There is an intensive production in Mazovia – mainly vegetable and fruit growing, as well as large reserves of workforce – 12.7% of employed works in agriculture. Mazovia is ranked first in the country in harvesting vegetables and fruits. Agricultural production of the region also serves as a source for the food sector – the largest acreage of farmland is located in Mazovia.

Mazovia has rich deposits of mineral resources, which makes it the leader in the building sector. According the Main Statistical Office, the sold production in April 2013 amounted to
PLN 8,433.4 million and was higher in comparison with April 2012 by 6.1%. The commonly occurring aggregates, clays and deposits of mineral resources, such as: brown coal, phosphates and refractory clays, are also important assets of Mazovia. The voivodeship is characterised by favourable conditions for the building industry: slight height differences and stable ground.

In the BPO sector, Mazovia boasts the biggest office space in the ranking of the voivodeships – 11.4%. The region has large workforce reserves with different qualifications. The main advantages include: the greatest number of students in the country, the greatest number of universities in Poland, high level of education among the residents of Warsaw and sub-regional centres (Płock, Radom, Siedlce, Ostrołęka and Ciechanów), as well as beneficial demographic structure. The advantageous location of the voivodeship at the crossroads of the main routes is also important for the BPO sector.

In the following years, we can anticipate a further influx of investments in the IT sector, electronics, automotive industry, but also an influx of investments related with agri-food sector, renewable energy sources, and most of all innovative projects. Due to the organisation of Euro 2012 in Poland, a large influx of investments related with the construction industry followed, in road infrastructure in particular. Further investments in this field are anticipated.

The offer of selective financial incentives for investors, available on selected areas, has an impact on a positive assessment of the potential attractiveness of the region. The special economic zones, which have been effectively operating in Mazovia since 2001, are the examples of such impact.

There are presently 5 special economic zones in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship: Łódź, Starachowice, Suwałki, Tarnobrzeg, Warmia and Mazury, which cover properties located in 22 Mazovian communes and make up 7% of the total number of communes with such zones in Poland. It is estimated that between 2001 and 2010, businesses operating on the area of the economic zones in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship incurred expenses in the total amount of over PLN 3 billion and created over 5.6 thousand jobs.

Selected investors present in the voivodeship

  • Grupa Saint-Gobain
  • J&S Energy S.A.
  • Polkomtel S.A.
  • Makro Cash and Carry Polska S.A.
  • LG Electronics Mława Sp. z o. o.
  • Grupa Vattenfall Poland
  • Impexmetal S.A. GK
  • Carrefour Polska
  • PTK Centertel Sp. z o. o.
  • Stora Enso Poland Sp. z o. o.
  • ProLogis Poland Sp. z o. o.
  • Boryszew S.A.

25 biggest companies in the voivodeship, broken down by sector and location according to the “List of 2000”, Rzeczpospolita, 2012.

  1. PKN Orlen SA, GK
  2. PGE Polska Grupa Grupa Energetyczna SA, GK
  3. PGNiG SA, GK
  4. Grupa Metro AG w Polsce
  5. Telekomunikacja Polska SA, GK
  6. Grupa PKP SA
  7. Carrefour Polska
  8. Orlen Petrocentrum sp. z o. o., Płock
  9. PTK Centertel sp. z o. o.
  10. Polkomtel SA, GK
  11. Makro Cach & Carry SA
  12. Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa SA
  13. PGL Lasy Państwowe GK
  14. PSE-Operator SA,
  15. Poczta Polska SA GK
  16. Auchan Polska sp. z o. o.
  17. Budimex SA, GK
  18. PKP Cargo SA
  19. Real sp. z o. o. i spółka SK, Warszawa
  20. Castorama Polska Sp. z o. o.
  21. Grupa Statoil Polska
  22. Strabag Sp. z o. o.
  23. Grupa Man Truck & Bus AG w Polsce
  24. Shell Polska sp. z o. o.
  25. Polimex-Mostostal SA, GK